What is health insurance, how to get health insurance?

Health Insurance means Health Insurance which we get done for our health, in today’s time health services are becoming expensive day by day, in such a situation if there is a serious illness or an accident and you are in a situation of hospitalization. In such a situation, health insurance comes to our work. Do you know what is health insurance (What is Health Insurance in Hindi), how many types of health insurance are there, (Types of Health Insurance) and how you can get your health insurance. .

Financial experts believe that the day people become financially independent, that is, they start earning money, then they should take a health insurance policy for themselves and their families, because if a sudden medical emergency occurs on you or a family member, and If they become hospitalised, then your financial budget gets messed up.

And the money of your savings is also spent in treatment, from this situation health insurance saves you. You can get a huge sum assured health cover for the future by paying a small premium amount every month.

What is Health Insurance | What is health insurance in hindi

We take health insurance from the Insurance Company, you can take it only for yourself or for your whole family, if you or your family If a member falls ill, his treatment You can get it done in the hospital, all the medical expenses will be provided by the insurance company. Health insurance also covers the cost of pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation.

Pre-hospitalisation expenses are those incurred before hospitalization and post-hospitalisation expenses are those incurred after the patient is discharged from the hospital. You will get the benefit of health insurance everywhere, whether you are living in a big city or in small cities and towns, many companies sell health insurance policies.

Due to which you will get many options to buy the policy, but before buying the health insurance policy, you should understand its different forms and then take the appropriate health insurance policy. Types of Health Insurance Health insurance is mainly of two types, first Indemnity Plans (Indemnity Plans) and second Defined-benefit Plan (Defined Benefit Plans).

Indemnity Plans: Indemnity based health insurance policy plan covers all hospitalization expenses up to the sum insured amount and comes in various formats.

Medical Insurance: Under this, all the expenses incurred in the hospital in case of any illness or accident will be covered. This Mediclaim policy is available in many forms such as Individual Medical Insurance, Group Mediclaim, Overseas Medical Insurance.

Individual Insurance: In this policy, the covered members are Individual Sum Insured i.e. an amount equal to the Basic Sum Insured will be covered on hospital expenses. If you have individual health cover of 5 lakhs and your wife/husband is covered with you, then both of them can take medical insurance up to Rs.5-5.

Family Floater Plan: If you want to get health insurance for the whole family, then under the Family Floater Plan, the health policy of the whole family is covered and the Sum Insured Amount is distributed equally among each member.

Group Mediclaim: Medium and large scale companies take this policy to cover the health insurance of their employees.

Unit Linked Health Plans: A part of the premium you collect within this plan is given in insurance coverage and the other part is invested in the stock market. This plan is for those people who want to take advantage of both investment and insurance.

Defined-benefit Plan: In the defined benefit health insurance plan, the policyholder gets a lump sum sum assured amount on the diagnosis of the disease. There are many types of plans in this such as:

Personal Accident Plan: Under this plan, if the owner or driver of the vehicle meets with an accident while driving and dies or gets injured, a lump sum amount is provided to his family.

Critical Illness Plan: Under this policy, the treatment of serious diseases is covered, there are many such diseases which are not possible for the middle class people to get treated, in such a situation, you can take this type of policy which is cancer, stroke, kidney failure, heart, bypass Reduces hospital expenses like surgery, which occurs in many diseases.

Hospital Daily Cash: Hospital Daily Cash is offered as a built-in cover of the health insurance policy under which the policy holder receives a specified cash amount every day apart from hospital expenses.

How to buy best health insurance plan – How to buy best health insurance plan

You should keep these things in mind before buying a health insurance plan.

If you have cashless facility in your health policy, then you will not have to pay the bills of the hospitals, it is paid directly by the insurance company. If there is no cashless feature in your city hospital or your insurance company does not have an agreement with them, then you will have to pay the amount at that time, after that the insurance company will reimburse you the amount of the bill. The claim settlement ratio of the company must be checked before buying a health insurance plan.

Before taking the plan of the health insurance company, must see its claim settlement process, how quickly it processes the medical claim. Take health insurance from such health insurance company where minimum formalities have to be followed for claim settlement. Before taking the health insurance company and its plan, definitely check the customer support services, always select such a company which is available 24 hours.

Before taking the health policy of any company, read its review and see the ratings. Before taking health insurance from a health insurance company, be sure to check its digital presence. In today’s time, almost all the work related to insurance is done online, so it must be checked that your insurance company provides most of the services through online medium.

Top Health Insurance companies in India

If you want to take health insurance, then you can check the plans of some of the top companies in India mentioned below.

Star Health Insurance
Niva Bupa
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company
ICICI Lombard
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
Aditya Birla Health Insurance
Care Health Insurance
Cholamandalam Health Insurance

how to get health insurance

Before taking health insurance, you can see the insurance plans of these top companies mentioned above, before taking any plan, you must check whether the features mentioned above are there or not. You should always take a health policy according to your need, if you want to get only your medical policy done, then choose an individual plan, if you want to get the whole family done with you, then choose a policy that covers the health insurance of your entire family.

Before taking a policy from any company, its digital presence, how many hospitals it has a network with, facility of cashless facility, claim settlement ratio, reimbursement payment, only after checking all these things, in our view of the policy, you can choose Star Health, HDFC ERGO, Aditya You can take health policies of companies like Birla, Niva Bupa and Bajaj Allianz, they provide all the necessary facilities.

To get a health insurance policy, you can either contact the field agent of these companies or you can apply by inquiring yourself by visiting the online website or you can buy a health insurance policy by contacting your nearest branch.

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